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Tips & Techniques

  • Part Removal: Most parts can be slowly twisted off with tweezers. Nubs can be filed off by holding with some tweezers or with a set of plastic-coated pliers. Then file with a medium course file.

  • For fragile parts. I find it best to take multiple passes across it with a fresh xacto blade. You'll want to use a metal ruler to hold the part down to prevent it from potentially bending. Then just score it repeatedly until the joint wears down and breaks free.

  • Adding a strip of masking tape to the back is also a great way to keep the part from going airborne.

  • Glue: CA Gold is my top choice. It holds quickly like a superglue, but will not fog the parts. 2 part epoxy and white glues are also popular options. Even a good old Testors orange tube will do the trick.

  • Part Bending: one drawback to this material is that they don't bend well. You typically have 1 chance to bend it properly. Adjusting can lead to a break. This can often be remedied with a little glue. Photoetch bending tools are also great to have.

  • Do not hesitate to paint. Being metal, it's very easy to strip and start over if needed. Many of the recessed lines such as a/c vents & wheel center caps were intended to be filled with paint. I even spray paint or airbrush many of my parts, then buff the top layer away. It can handle grits as low as 600, but ultimately, you'd like to start off with one your highest buffing grits such as a 7000 or 10000. "Minidreams" recommends using lighter fluid drops on a rag, held tight around your finger and buffing away the excess paint.

  • Metal stickers: The transfer stickers have 3 layers. I recommend cutting the part out with a fresh xacto blade. Remove bottom layer. Set the part in place with the top layer of tape still on it. Burnish the sticker with a qtip or toothpick. Then carefully remove the top layer of tape. I do recommend doing this at some point before your final coat of clear to seal them.

  • Decals: Many sets include kit-quality decals. They are pre-cut, so just clip the general area of the decal, and dip into water and slide it into place.

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