Saw Blades

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Set of 4 photoetch saw blades. 3 fit Xacto handles. The bottom is for a cheap box cutter.

If you've ordered my photoetch before you know that I use a thicker metal than most. And as a fan of photoetch saw blades, thought it was only fitting that I did some of my own, using some cool knife designs. Anyways, I tested them out and they seem to be a bit more rigid than the other 4 brands I've tried. They're perfect for cutting doors or grilles out.
*I highly recommend using a photoetch saw blade of any brand for cutting into resin doors and trunks. Resin is softer than styrene and Xacto blades can widen that gap pretty easily.

* I made the hole for the box cutter a tad small, so you will need to file to the post down some.

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