Doom's MM.. Food Truck 1/24

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Doom's MM.. Food Truck 1/24

These are custom 1/24 scale diecast food trucks.

Tropical Glitz Metallic Avocado, with custom decals, top coated with 2k urethane clear coat.
Photoetch Stainless Steel grille, headlight bezels & marker lights.
Photoetch & 3d printed turntable setup (3d print by Iceman Collections). with custom vinyl decals of the Mm.. Food album.
3d printed Doom mask.
3d printed crate with scale prints of almost every album Doom released.
Scratchbuilt pot, burger patties, oil in the fryer, ashtray with blunt, etc.
Photoetch boombox
Crate of spray cans
Doom's fedora
Custom steering wheel & pedals.
Custom display case to keep it safe & dust free.

*see my Instagram for more photos. @detailjunkees

Limited Production of 4 available for pre-order for April 15th.