Chevy 1500 Detail Set

Image of Chevy 1500 Detail Set
Coming soon

Phantom Grille
GMC grille
License Plate Frames
2 Rearview Mirrors
Chevy & GMC 1500 Door Badges
4 Optional Styles of Pillar Badges
Full Billet Dash Trim: Gauges, Radio, Vents, Lower Dash & Glovebox Plate
Shift Lever
Cassette & CD Deck with cassettes & CD's
Cupholder Plate
Interior Door Handle Plates
2 Steering Wheels w/ Horn Buttons
Heartbeat Door Sills
Double Blade Wipers
Stepside Pads
Oval Air Cleaner
Pulley Faces, Brake Booster Lid & Fan

*the front stepside pads were not a perfect fit (a tad small). It'll be important to sand down the ridges. That was the only thing I'm not 100% satisfied with.

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