Buick Regal Conversion Set

$5.00 - $35.00
Buick Regal Conversion Set

4 grille options
Ragtop Trim
Hood Ornament
Optional Marker Lights
Billet Hood Prop
Hydraulic Battery Hold Down
Interior Door Panels with Woodgrain Decals
Interior Door Pulls
Rocker Panels
Nardi Steering Wheel
Optional Stereo Plates
Hydraulic Switch Plate
Billet Buick Tree Freshener
Power Window Switches
Seat Belt Buckles
Seat Belt Guides
License Plate Frames
Keys, Keychain
License Plate, Stereo & Gauge Prints
*Die-cut Woodgrain & Stereo Decals

B-Grade sets: typically the hood ornament and/or C pillar badge are damaged or missing. Some of the battery covers didn’t survive either.