78-80 Monte Carlo Detail Set: 1 set available

$3.00 - $18.00
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78-80 Monte Carlo Detail Set: 1 set available

Designed to the fit the MPC Class Action kits and 1978-80 promos.

Gauge Bezel with cluster prints
3 Stereo/AC Cluster Options
Custom & Stock Pedals
Keys & Keychains
Speaker Grilles
Exterior Door Handles
C-Pillar Crests
License Plate Frames
Switch Plate
Seat Belt Buckles
Seat Belt Guides (attach to headrest)
Window Cranks
Marker Lights
Trunk Script
C-Pillar Scripts
Interior Door Pull Strap Trim
Interior Door Handles
Dash Bezels
Dash Script
License Plate Prints
*Die-cut Decal Sheet with 2 Gauge Clusters, 3 screen options, 2 stereos and a Nardi horn button.

-Shipping to U.K., Germany and Canada are set. Contact me for other international orders for shipping costs. @detailjunkees on Instagram or detailjunkees@gmail.com