67-72 C-10 Detail Set

$24.00 - $30.00
67-72 C-10 Detail Set

Allow 1 week for shipping.

4 grille options
Multiple Badge Options
Gauge & Glovebox Plates
Steering Wheel
A/C & Stereo
Stock & Custom Interior Door Cranks and Levers
Exterior Door Handles
Bed Strips with Peel & Stick Wood Veneer Sheet
Tailgate Trim Plate
Door Sills
Door Jamb Vents and Bear Claw Latches
Pulley Faces, Fan, Alternator Bracket & Brake Booster Cover
Air Cleaner
License Plate
Marker Lights
Peel & Stick Chrome Bezels and CHEVROLET lettering

1 B-Grade option available with a broken grille. (The one with the Chevrolet etched into the center)

-Shipping to U.K., Germany and Canada are set. Contact me for other international shipping costs. @detailjunkees on Instagram or detailjunkees@gmail.com