37 Chevy Photo Etch Set: 1 set available!

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37 Chevy Photo Etch Set: 1 set available!


Banjo Steering Wheel w/ Horn Button and Optional Halo
Sun Visors
Traffic Light Viewer (with acetate lens)
Underdash Stereo
Column Flashlight Brackets
Dash Gauge Bezel
Dash Stereo Bezel
Glovebox Lock Bezel
Dash Fan
Door Levers and Window Cranks
Vintage Air Plate
Ceiling Mount Hat Holder

Headlight Eyelids
License Plate Brackets
License Plate Frames
License Plate Toppers: Lowrider Guy, Safety Star, Bell, LA, Felix, Flag, Dr. Pepper
Fender Aerial Booster Brackets
Radiator Plate
Radiator Cap
Eyebolt Wire Anchors
Bolt Heads
Wire/Knob Bezels

License Plate, gauge prints
Packaged in a Cassette Case

Photo Credit: Gavin Roberts

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